Anneliese Emmans Dean

Anneliese Emmans Deane:
Twitter: @theBigBuzzNews
Facebook: theBigBuzz

Available to come to book groups? Yes
Available to give talks? Yes
Available for school visits? Yes – see my website for more information
About Me
I have lived in York since I was 3, leaving only for gap years and university. (I read Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge.) I perform my humorous poems in shows for children, for families and for grown-ups in a wide variety of venues, from theatres to trains, via eco-centres, gardens, restaurants and the UK’s largest planetarium.
I have been commissioned to write and perform poems by the BBC (e.g. Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and the Radio 2 Arts Show) and by other individuals and organisations.
I work extensively in schools and my poems are used in projects nationwide. I have won various prizes, ranging from the Royal Entomological Society’s Lesley Goodman Award to the New Statesman Limerick Competition!
My photos have been used in natural history publications in Britain and further afield, as well as in a 2012 Marks and Spencer/Woodland Trust calendar.
I have also written two eco-musicals. One of them, Compost! The (mini-)Musical, won the 2011 Garden Organic Award for Innovation.

My Book

cover of Buzzing! by Anneliese Emmans DeanBuzzing! (Discover the poetry in garden minibeasts)
Brambleby Books, 2012. Hardback
Genre: Poetry meets natural history. For ages 5 to 12(-ish!)
Set in York? Partially
Description: Be amazed, be amused, be afraid … it’s Buzzing! Enter the factabulous world of garden minibeasts as you’ve never seen them before. A unique cocktail of edu-taining poems, fascinating facts and over 170 of my close-up minibeast photos, most of them taken in York. A National Insect Week recommended children’s book and teachers’ resource. Includes the ‘Jewel of York’ – the stunning Tansy beetle, only found in York!
Reviews: ‘A fabulous fun-filled flight through the wonderful world of the wiggly, wriggly and giggly … You’ll be edu-entertain-amazed.’ Bumblebee Conservation Trust
‘Anneliese has discovered the poetry in insects, and knows a lot about them too. She has the buzz!’ Sir Quentin Blake, former children’s laureate
Awards:  Shortlisted for the 2013 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize; nominated for the 2013 Carnegie Medal
View sample pages: Here
Find out more and buy from:
My website  l  Amazon  l  Publisher’s website

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